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We support animal rescue organisations

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Those that know me well understand that animals, and dogs in particular, are my passion. So my Twitterings are not all business focused and not all about me and my business as a disguised sales pitch. I am not on Twitter as a business strategy or as part of my marketing plan. I just find it a good tool to keep up to date  with news, Perth traffic and public transport alerts, business trends and all things dog. I also enjoy hearing from other Twits :-) like Russell Crowe, who brightens my day with his wit and humour.

We also support a range of dog rescue organisations in WA through donations and our expertise. We are happy to support them through two tools to help people find a companion animal to adopt. You can use the search bar or view featured animals avalable from a range of rescues in Western Australia through the pet saver tool.

If you are alooking for a dog, cat or other companion animal anywhere in Australia please use the Petrescue search bar.

The Petrescue pet saver display below shows randomly selected  images and links for a rage of companion animals available for adoption from W.A. animal rescues.