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The Consultancy -- has been in operation since 2002 and has a number of clients in WA and interstate, across a range of industries such as local government, State government, retail, professional services, property development & management, not for profit and professional associations.

Our Philosophy

From the start there has been a deliberate attempt to move away from traditional consultancy approaches to working with clients. Know L' Edge does not try and force a client's situation into a proprietary system or method but using a wealth of knowledge of academically robust and tested practical business tools, creates a process of thinking and planning unique to each situation encountered.

Know L'Edge believes in making its services ultimately redundant to the Client because Know L'Edge believes in sharing insight and processes to the point where the Client's staff can build upon their own knowledge and take on projects themselves in the future.

Know L'Edge tries to demystify the art and science of business management tools, frameworks and models and makes a real effort to apply sound academic thinking to practical application. Know L'Edge encourages the Client's staff to professionally develop on a journey of discovery throughout the project.

Know L'Edge is all about getting real, measurable, results that make a positive difference for the Client.

Working towards a more humane world

Time, money and skills are all used to help good causes in relation to social justice issues. Ms Zivanovic also fosters dogs from rescue shelters and off death row in the many Council pounds in WA. You can read her blog on adventures in dog fostering